Spring cleaning? it's a yearly ritual in Northeast Ohio. A chance to scrub the floors, wash the walls and tidy up the yard.
Your annual spring cleaning ritual should extend to your car, too, as nothing batters a car quite like an Ohio winter. Salt, dirt and moisture collect in every corner and crevice imaginable, and cleaning it all can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, it's easier than you think to restore your vehicle?s shine and luster after a hard winter. Follow our three easy steps to get your vehicle ready for spring in no time.

  • Remove stains from carpet and upholstery. No matter how thick your floor mats are, they can?t catch all the salt and dirt. Some will inevitably find its way onto seats and into your vehicle's carpet. Household cleaners can do the trick, but stay away from those that contain bleach, as it could damage the material. For a common homemade solution, mix warm water and white vinegar in equal amounts. Apply with a spray bottle and lightly scrub the carpet to remove stains.

  • Wash wheel wells. This part of the car is often overlooked while cleaning, but wheel wells are a prime gathering place for dirt, salt and other corrosive agents during the winter. A pressure washer is the most effective method, but a regular hose with a standard attachable nozzle can do the trick, as well. If you wipe the wells with a rag, be careful ? there are often hard-to-see sharp edges.

  • Clean out debris. Give your vehicle a once-over around the edges of doors, the trunk and hood. Not only does dirt accumulate in the crevasses, you?ll often find leftover leaves and twigs from the previous fall. This debris can trap moisture and lead to rust, so it?s important to clean out the gaps and crevices. If your hand can?t fit, use a soft brush to sweep away debris.

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