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Chris Nagy
Union Steward with 18 Years Experience.


Our 27 technicians have worked here at Tim Lally Chevrolet for 275 years combined and 10 of our technicians have been here for at least 10 years while our longest technician has been here for 42 years!

Frequently Asked Questions:


What grades of fuel should I use?

The owner’s manual will recommend what grade of fuel (ie. 85, 86, 87, 92 octane) the vehicle is designed for.  Using higher grades than what is recommended may not have any noticeable performance improvements.  It may also rob performance and fuel economy.



How can I get the best fuel economy from my vehicle?

1.       Proper tire inflation.  Follow the label on the inside of the driver’s front door.

2.       Clean and unrestricted air filters.

3.       Regular oil changes.

4.       Non-aggressive driving habits.

5.       Using cruise control on the highway.

6.       Maintaining safe driving and stopping distances.

7.       Using Auto 4X4 and 4X4 only when road conditions are slippery.

8.       Limit use of defroster.  Air conditioning compressor runs, robbing horsepower and fuel economy.

9.       Proper wheel alignment.



Why do I need tire rotations?

Will provide the most life out of your tires.

Prevents radial pulls, chopping and uneven tire wear.

Better fuel economy.



Why do I need oil changes?

Cleaner and well lubricated moving engine parts will increase engine life.

Better fuel economy.



Why is proper tire inflation necessary?

Prevents uneven tire wear.

Prolongs tire life.

Provides better handling.

Better fuel economy.

Note:  GM has designed your vehicle with specific tire pressure recommendations on the driver’s inside front door label.  Provides for the best performance and fuel economy.



Why do my brakes pulsate?

Brake pulsations are caused by the following:

Aggressive braking.

Worn or damaged wheel bearings and hubs.

Stuck or frozen calipers, pins and slides.

Rust and pad material accumulation on rotor surface.

Out of round brake drum or failed drum brake hardware.

Frozen parking brake cable

Worn out brake linings, pads or shoes.

All of these things can cause excessive heat build-up on the rotors or drums resulting in brake pulsations.



Why do my headlights sometimes flicker?

On a normal operating vehicle, this is caused by various accessories on at once.  The alternator is turned “on” in stages (pulse with modulation) by the engine control module (ECM) based on the demand of the electrical system.  When demands are less, the alternator output is reduced putting less resistance on the engine increasing performance and fuel economy. 



Why do I need my fuel injectors cleaned?

Removes deposits and gum from the nozzles, seats, springs and needles or balls. 

Improves fuel spray patterns.

Longer injector life.

Better fuel economy.



Why do I need an induction cleaning?

Removes carbon and coke build-up(a by-product of combustion) from throttle plates, intake manifold and valves.

Allows the engine to mix air with the fuel creating better atomization.

Better performance, idle quality and fuel economy.


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