Americans spend a lot of time driving. In fact, the average person can expect to spend more than five years of his or her life behind the wheel. If you're going to spend that much time driving, shouldn't you make the most of it? Here are five car-related apps that will make your life easier. 

1. GasBuddy. Fuel prices in Northeast Ohio are low right now, but eventually, they'll go back up. When they do, you'll want to pay closer attention to gas prices, and GasBuddy makes this task easier. The app posts local gas prices and can even give you driving directions.

2. myChevrolet. This app is the ultimate companion for any Chevy owner. Find your car in a crowded parking lot, schedule service with a few clicks or access OnStar RemoteLink if you are an OnStar subscriber.

3. Waze. Waze is a community-based traffic and navigation app. Users provide real-time traffic and road info, saving you time and gas money as you drive around town. Waze alerts you to traffic jams, accidents, gas prices and speed traps. When delays occur, the app will route you around the problem.

4. Honk. Ever park downtown and then spend time wandering around, trying to remember which row or which garage you parked in? Honk will tell you where you parked, how to get back to the space, how much time is left in the meter and what's in the area, such as ATMs or restaurants.

5. SeeClickFix. Report public safety issues such as potholes and traffic light outages with SeeClickFix, an app that allows drivers to play an integral role in alerting public officials to potential hazards.

With the amount of time you will spend behind the wheel in your lifetime, put the power of your smartphone to work to make your life easier. 

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