Pickup trucks are great for moving cargo or providing plenty of space for sports gear. But when snowy conditions affect the roads, pickup truck drivers need to be aware of how differently a truck handles compared to a car. Here are three tips for a safer winter drive. 

1. Add weight. Sandbags or other heavy objects placed in the cargo bed can help the rear tires gain better traction. This is especially important with two-wheel drive models, because most of the vehicle?s weight is in the front engine compartment. The more weight you add, the better traction the rear wheels will get. Place the weight directly above the rear axle.

2. Consider snow tires. Snow tires are made of softer rubber for better traction and also have deeper treads to increase traction during snowy conditions. This allows for improved braking (up to 50 percent better than all-season tires) and increased handling properties.

3. Drive safely. Pickups handle very differently from cars in snowy conditions. Trucks tend to fishtail in corners or when traction is lost during acceleration. When fishtailing occurs, ease off the gas and turn into the direction the rear wheels are sliding to regain control. To minimize these occurrences, brake and accelerate only when on a straight section of road. Keep your speed down and be prepared for longer braking distances.

Pickup trucks can be more challenging to drive in winter conditions, but by following a few basic safety tips, your drives in the snow can be safe for all involved.

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